ABOUT Resilient Investigations

Resilient Investigations has a background division that specialises in locating individuals that don’t want to be found. We have developed techniques over the years which enable us to take on the most complex and difficult cases.

We have serviced large organisations, small businesses, government agencies and private individuals from all around Singapore. If you have an investigation enquiry or wish to discuss a matter further, do not hesitate to contact Resilient Investigation's by phone or email to see how we can help with your case. All enquiries are confidential and will be responded to promptly.


Resilient Private Investigators


One of the most important parts of any private investigation assignment is evidence. Evidence is proof that the act happened. Photos are a big part of evidence in most cases. It’s hard to argue with what photos can uncover. From catching acts of infidelity to substantiating that an employee isn’t permanently disabled, photographic evidence is essential to the case.


Confidentiality is the foremost thing that we focus on when beginning work on any assignment. We safeguard and protect your personal details. You will never have to worry about a breach of confidentiality when working with Resilient Investigation's. Working with a private investigator is a sensitive situation. We’ll always maintain confidentiality and discretion.


Communication is key! Resilient Investigation's always responds to clients no matter what time of the day it is. We provide live updates throughout surveillance and counter surveillance. Our clients always feel comfortable knowing they can reach our team via phone or email at anytime.


Resilient Private Investigators