Singapore Best Private Investigator Award: Resilient Investigations LLP

Resilient Investigations LLP has been awarded Singapore Best Private Investigator in 2021. We are proud to receive this prestigious award that recognizes the efforts of a professional Singapore Police Force (SPF) licensed Private Investigation Agency in Singapore for its outstanding contributions to the industry.

Resilient Investigations offers private investigation services throughout Singapore. We pride ourselves on being professional, discreet, and affordable. There are many reasons individuals and companies seek the services of a private investigator. The motivator for those seeking the services of a private detective is a question of the unknown. This question or the unknown needs to be answered. We consider ourselves, answer finders.

Specializing in Matrimonial Investigations, Digital Forensics, Commercial Investigations, and Anti-Spy Detection, we are proud to be a Singapore Police Force Licensed (L/PS/011382/2021S) Best Private Investigation Agency in Singapore.

Our years of experience and the ability to find answers set us apart from other International private detective agencies. We employ highly trained and accredited private investigators throughout Singapore. We are always discreet, professional, and affordable!

Our goal is to find the truth you are seeking in a timely manner while offering affordable rates. This means we ascertain from our clients what the expectations are. Then we formulate a plan to investigate. We are accountable to our clients, frequently communicating the status of the case and what has been discovered during the investigation.

From corporate cases to partner infidelity, Resilient Investigations handles it all. We have you covered if you want to catch a cheating partner, or if you need to conduct corporate surveillance on behalf of an organization. No job is too complicated.

About Singapore Best Private Investigators Award: In Singapore, before you engage a Private Investigator (PI), make sure that they hold a valid Private Investigation Agency License with the Singapore Police Force (PLRD). All Private Investigation Agencies will have to produce a valid license number, most commonly found on their website. If you do not see it, you may check with the Agency for their license number. ​

We have zoomed into the 2 best Private Investigators in Singapore who specialized in Matrimonial Cases and are well trained in Surveillance skills. They are using the latest technology to gather evidence that can be used in court. Be it you are looking for someone who can conduct a background check or commercial-related investigation, we would like to share the 2 best private investigation agencies in Singapore.

If you’re looking for an experienced PI that to help solve your case or if you need some advice on an ongoing case, you may contact Resilient Investigations at or 📱 WhatsApp us at 8752 0225.

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