What can Private Investigators do in Singapore (2022)

Private Investigators are legally required to undergo training and hold licenses issued by the Singapore Police (PLRD). As a result, a PI will be able to advise the client as to the legality of the methods used in the investigation. … As of 2019, there are no specific privacy laws in Singapore.

What can a Private Investigator do in Singapore?

In Singapore, private investigators can help you in cases associated with the investigation of civilian or criminal cases, suspicious infidelity, tracing out missing people, and other cases. They work to find out the truth and will work within the purview of the law. Private investigators can conduct surveillance and follow individuals to learn more about their movements and what they might be doing. They can search through various databases online to get information on criminal records, marriages and divorces, mortgage records, and voter registrations.

How can I hire a Private Investigator in Singapore?

Yes. Hiring a Private Investigator is legal in Singapore and the evidence will be admissible – so long as the PI agency is licensed and the methods of gathering the evidence were legal.

How much does it cost to hire a Private Investigator in Singapore?

Before you hire a Singapore Private Investigator, it’s important to understand how much private investigator costs. For general surveillance, most private investigation agencies charge an hourly rate. Hourly rates range from S$100 -S$200 per hour with an average begins around S$150 per hour.

Can a Private Investigator put GPS tracking on someone?

A vehicle tracking system can be placed in a car – provided that the said car is owned or partly owned by the client. Essentially, this gives the client the legal right to allow the placement of the tracking device inside the car.

Can you sue a Private Investigator in Singapore?

If someone hired a private investigator to target and carry out surveillance on you, you cannot sue them on that basis alone. … Nonetheless, if you were harmed in the course of their investigation – negligently or otherwise – you can seek legal recourse against both the PI and the person who hired them.

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